Steak and Blue Cheese Pasta

The steak and blue cheese pasta recipe serves a good amount of people, from 6 to 8, with ample leftovers. You can use any kind of steak, but in this recipe we used sirloin. Filet mignon, Ribeye, or New York strip can also work well. Cream and blue cheese sauce combine nicely into a lighterContinue reading “Steak and Blue Cheese Pasta”

German Pancake with Bacon (Bacon Dutch Baby)

German pancakes, or Dutch babies, are famous for the way that they rise up in the oven in a dramatic display. To make a German pancake with bacon simply follow the recipe for a traditional Dutch baby and add bacon at different times during the cooking process. You can continue to make the best savoryContinue reading “German Pancake with Bacon (Bacon Dutch Baby)”

How to Make Bacon Weave: Easy Step by Step

Learning how to make a bacon weave, or bacon lattice, is a handy trick to take many dishes to the next level. When you’re making a bacon weave, you’re essentially weaving the pieces of bacon together so that they create a sort of sheet of “bacon fabric.” It’s easy. First, prepare a surface to createContinue reading “How to Make Bacon Weave: Easy Step by Step”

Easy Eggnog Recipe with Alcohol

Making an easy eggnog recipe throughout the holiday season can bring you a wealth of comfort. For those who enjoy sipping this holiday beverage, they enjoy sweet winter sip that can remind them of childhood when they had alcohol-free eggnog with the same spicy notes. Spiked eggnog is not for everyone. A lot of peopleContinue reading “Easy Eggnog Recipe with Alcohol”

Chicken Curry Salad With Grapes and Walnuts

Take standard healthy chicken salad up a notch by adding curry, grapes and walnuts with this easy twist on a classic chicken salad recipe. When you make chicken curry salad, you can use many types of nuts to add crunchy texture, but with this recipe, walnuts pair the best with grapes. Use chicken curry saladContinue reading “Chicken Curry Salad With Grapes and Walnuts”

Blue Martini Recipe: Winter Blues Martini

If you’re looking for the perfect blue martini recipe, this little drink I call “Winter Blues Martini” is funky sip of sweetness. This blue cocktail is simple to make with the straightforward directions below or in this short YouTube video. In the evenings, this blue martini with blue curacao, with its orange and coconut flavors,Continue reading “Blue Martini Recipe: Winter Blues Martini”