Blue Martini Recipe: Winter Blues Martini

If you’re looking for the perfect blue martini recipe, this little drink I call “Winter Blues Martini” is funky sip of sweetness. This blue cocktail is simple to make with the straightforward directions below or in this short YouTube video. In the evenings, this blue martini with blue curacao, with its orange and coconut flavors,Continue reading “Blue Martini Recipe: Winter Blues Martini”

Spicy Candied Bacon Recipe: 2 Ways

One way to pump up bacon to a sweet and spicy bit is to caramelize it into candied bacon.  Making spicy candied bacon, or “man candy” as some people call it – is just as easy as making bacon itself. You just need two other main ingredients: brown sugar and cayenne pepper.  Here, you’ll learnContinue reading “Spicy Candied Bacon Recipe: 2 Ways”

Blackberry Margarita Recipe – with Lime and Rosemary

This Blackberry Margarita Recipe with Lime and Rosemary is a very simple martini. You simple muddle the blackberry and rosemary. Then add some tequila and lime juice then shake it up. You may like it tart, but you can add some optional simple sugar or agave nectar to sweeten up, as many margarita recipes callContinue reading “Blackberry Margarita Recipe – with Lime and Rosemary”

Bacon Onion Jam Recipe (Bacon Marmalade Recipe)

Bacon onion jam never lasts long. This highly addictive savory sweet spread, also called bacon marmalade, can be used for nearly anything a typical jam is used for, and more. Patted in a little mason jar and cinched with a ribbon, it’s a perfect gift for anyone on any occasion. This simple bacon jam recipeContinue reading “Bacon Onion Jam Recipe (Bacon Marmalade Recipe)”

Incredible Garlic Honey Glazed Bacon Recipe

If you love playing with flavors for glazed bacon, you need to try this garlic honey glazed bacon recipe immediately! It may not seem appetizing, but the combined flavors of garlic, honey and bacon are surprisingly addicting! This recipe uses honey as a glazing for baked bacon, topping the bacon with sauteed garlic at theContinue reading “Incredible Garlic Honey Glazed Bacon Recipe”

How to Make a Bacon Rose Bouquet

Bacon roses are a tasty little gesture to show your Valentine – or yourself – some love. Making a bouquet or “garden” of bacon wrapped roses is easy. This bacon roses recipe is very simple and easy with only three ingredients – brown sugar, cayenne pepper and, of course, bacon. The bacon becomes candied withContinue reading “How to Make a Bacon Rose Bouquet”