Banana Berry Hemp Seed Smoothie

Making a banana berry hemp seed smoothie with this easy recipe is an excellent way to start your morning. You’ll simply gather the ingredients, make a few small prep steps, and then mix the fruits, milk, and other ingredients together in a blender or Nutra bullet. Ingredients for a Banana Berry Hemp Hearts Smoothie TheContinue reading “Banana Berry Hemp Seed Smoothie”

Can You Drink Cointreau Straight?

You can take a straight shot of Cointreau liquor, but it’s more commonly used as an ingredient in mixed drinks like margaritas or cosmopolitans. Cointreau is a clear French orange liquor that has a sweeter taste of oranges, with a generally smooth finish, similar to Gran Marnier. Some people enjoy sipping it on the rocksContinue reading “Can You Drink Cointreau Straight?”

Easy Eggnog Recipe with Alcohol

Making an easy eggnog recipe throughout the holiday season can bring you a wealth of comfort. For those who enjoy sipping this holiday beverage, they enjoy sweet winter sip that can remind them of childhood when they had alcohol-free eggnog with the same spicy notes. Spiked eggnog is not for everyone. A lot of peopleContinue reading “Easy Eggnog Recipe with Alcohol”

Blue Martini Recipe: Winter Blues Martini

If you’re looking for the perfect blue martini recipe, this little drink I call “Winter Blues Martini” is funky sip of sweetness. This blue cocktail is simple to make with the straightforward directions below or in this short YouTube video. In the evenings, this blue martini with blue curacao, with its orange and coconut flavors,Continue reading “Blue Martini Recipe: Winter Blues Martini”

Blackberry Margarita Recipe – with Lime and Rosemary

This Blackberry Margarita Recipe with Lime and Rosemary is a very simple martini. You simple muddle the blackberry and rosemary. Then add some tequila and lime juice then shake it up. You may like it tart, but you can add some optional simple sugar or agave nectar to sweeten up, as many margarita recipes callContinue reading “Blackberry Margarita Recipe – with Lime and Rosemary”