How to Make Bacon Weave: Easy Step by Step

How to Make Bacon Weave

Learning how to make a bacon weave, or bacon lattice, is a handy trick to take many dishes to the next level.

When you’re making a bacon weave, you’re essentially weaving the pieces of bacon together so that they create a sort of sheet of “bacon fabric.”

It’s easy. First, prepare a surface to create your bacon weave. You can lay out a sheet of parchment paper and then create the weave on there. That way, you can just slide the entire sheet of parchment and bacon into the oven if you’re going to cook the bacon weave by itself.

A bacon weave can go great wrapped around a pork loin as shown here.

The Easy Steps to Making Bacon Woven

Here is the process for creating the perfect bacon weave. Don’t be daunted by all the steps. You’ll see that once you get started with making the lattice, it’s actually very easy!

Step 1

Determine the size. Bacon weaves are typically squares. To figure out how big your square will be, lay out a piece of bacon horizontally. Estimate how many pieces of bacon will fit vertically. For smaller bacon, you may find you will do five strips by five strips. For longer bacon, you may be able to do seven pieces by seven pieces.

Step 2

Layout your horizontal bacon strips.

The first step in how to make a bacon weave
Start a bacon weave by laying out strips horizontally.

Step 3

Fold back every other piece of bacon a little more than half way.

Second step in making a bacon weave
Next, fold back every other strip of bacon to start the weave.

Step 4

Lay one piece of bacon vertically, over half of the pieces.

Laying vertical slices in how to make a bacon weave
Add a slice of bacon vertically.

Step 5

Return the folded bacon to their places so that they are now overlapping the vertical piece of bacon. One slice of bacon is now woven.

A fifth step in how to make a bacon weave for pork loin
Return the horizonal pieces to their original position, overlapping the new vertical piece to start the weave.

Step 6

Fold back the opposite pieces of horizontal bacon from the first pieces you folded back. You want the first pieces to remain in place this time.

Laying a second vertical piece in making a bacon weave for a BLT sandwich
Next, fold back the opposite slices.

Step 7

Lay another piece of bacon down vertically so that it overlaps half of the horizonal pieces.

Another step in how to make a bacon weave for recipes
Lay another slice vertically and return the horizonal slices to their original position.

Step 8

Return the horizontal pieces so that they now overlap the second vertical piece of bacon and a second vertical slice of bacon is woven.

Step 9

Continue to repeat this process until you have laid down all of the vertical pieces of bacon and have woven all of your slices.

What a bacon weave looks like before cooking
A bacon weave can be used for recipes like bacon-wrapped port tenderloin or bacon weave BLT sandwiches.

Step 10

Cook the bacon weave in the oven at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes or until desired crispiness or use in a recipe.

What Can I do With Bacon Weave?

You can use bacon weave in many ways, such as for a wrap for a pork tenderloin or for bacon weave BLT sandwiches. You can use it to wrap ham, turkey, or steak, or shape it into taco shells. You can glaze your bacon lattice with maple syrup or a dusting of brown sugar before cooking for a candied coating.

Bacon Weave BLT Recipe

To make a bacon weave BLT, you’ll first need to make the bacon weave. Layout your horizontal bacon slices, then place your vertical pieces alternating under and over the horizontal pieces. Cook the bacon weave on parchment paper in the oven at 375 degrees for about 20 to 25 minutes, until your desired crispiness.

The ingredients for a bacon weave BLT recipe are: bacon weave, lettuce, tomato, white bread (toasting optional), and mayonnaise.

Cut the cooked bacon weave to the size of your sandwich bread. Layer bacon over sliced tomatoes and lettuce, and spread mayonnaise on the bread if you’d like.

Bacon weave BLT recipe
Bacon weave BLT recipe calls for bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and white bread.

As an alternative to making the bacon weave with the full bacon and then slicing to size, you can start by using bacon slices cut in half to make a smaller weave that fits a sandwich.

What can I do with bacon weave?
Bacon woven for a BLT sandwich recipe uses 1/2 slices of bacon to create the proper size weave.

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