Sausage Egg and Cheese Quesadilla

This sausage egg and cheese quesadilla recipe is easy to make if you want to put a little spin on a simple egg and sausage breakfast. The key is not to make them too thin — don’t be afraid of thick breakfast quesadillas!

Here’s how to make sausage egg and cheese quesadilla.

Aside from breakfast sausage and eggs, you’ll need flour tortillas and any other ingredients you want to include in the breakfast quesadilla such as shredded cheddar cheese or salsa or onions.

Breakfast sausage is ground pork that has been seasoned. You can find it in a log package or you can even use sausage patties. The both feel the same results but you’ll probably find that the log package breakfast sausage is more affordable.

Cook the sausage over medium heat until it’s browned making sure you chop it into pieces along the way so you have nice size crumbles. Then you’re gonna drain the sausage and set it aside and use the same pan to cook the eggs. You’ll just want to let the pain cool down for a moment before you cook the eggs so the eggs don’t cook too quickly.

You can use that tip for any breakfast recipes with sausage and egg — cooking sausage and eggs in the same pan is OK.

Once you’ve cooked your sausage and eggs for your breakfast quesadilla, do you want to clean the pan and then use it once again to heat up some butter. You can assemble the sausage egg and cheese quesadilla right in the pan cooking them one by one. They only take a few moments to cook on each side. Cook breakfast quesadillas until they are golden brown, flipping once.

With this sausage quesadilla recipe, You can add ingredients like shredded cheddar cheese, onions, or salsa. For breakfast quesadilla sauce, you can use a variety of dipping sauces such as sour cream, hoisin sauce, salsa, or a creamy jalapeño sauce.

If you don’t make all the sausage egg and cheese quesadillas, you can save your ingredients, either in the fridge or freezer, store separately to make the dish fresh again. Keep in mind that this recipe isn’t just for breakfast. It’s also among the good recipes for sausage and egg recipes for dinner.

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Sausage Egg and Cheese Quesadilla

Sausage egg and cheese quesadilla is a dish that you can make for a twist on a sausage and egg breakfast. Other ingredients will include a tortilla and any other toppings, such as cheese.
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time12 minutes
Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Breakfast Quesadilla, Sausage Egg and Cheese Quesadilla
Servings: 4


  • 1 Frying pan
  • spatula
  • 2 Plates
  • Paper towels
  • Container to drain grease (such as a can)


  • 1 lb Sausage
  • 6 Eggs
  • Salt and pepper for seasoning
  • 1 Cup Cheese (such as shredded cheddar or queso blanco)
  • 4 Flour tortillas
  • Onions, salsa or hot sauce (optional)
  • 2 Tablespoons Butter


  • Cook sausage in a frying pan until its done, typically about 10 or 12 minutes until browned. Drain grease in container, and place the on a plate with paper towels to further drain.
    Quesadilla with Sausage
  • Allow the pan to cool then cook scrambled eggs. For the ideal scrambled egg, start the eggs at a room temperature then cook the egg as the pan heats up to medium heat, stirring frequently. As the eggs begin to firm, season with salt and pepper. Remove the eggs onto the second plate, and then clean the pan.
  • Heat ½ Tablespoon of butter in the pan. Once the butter has melted, place a flour tortilla. Add eggs and then sausage to one have of the tortilla. Top with cheese and any other ingredients you want to include, such as salsa, hot sauce or onions (such as feta pictured here).
  • Fold the empty side of the tortilla onto the side with the sausage and eggs.
  • Cook the folded stuffed tortilla until golden brown, about 2 minutes, then carefully flip to cook the second side. Once the second side has become golden brown, remove the sausage, egg and cheese quesadilla to a serving plate and repeat the process for the remaining three tortillas.
    Recipe for Sausage and Egg Quesadilla

What to Do with Leftover Sausage

If you have leftover sausage, you can save it for a variety of recipes with sausage. For example you can make sausage gravy with biscuits. You can save the sausage to use as a topping such as for pizza.

What Kind of Sausage Is Breakfast Sausage?

Breakfast sausage is ground pork with seasonsing. You can buy breakfast sausage and patties in different flavors such as maple. Or you can buy breakfast sausage in a log form. If a recipe like a sausage egg and cheese quesadilla recipe calls for crumbled sausage, you can use either form of breakfast sausage and simply break it into pieces with a spatula as you cook it.

breakfast recipes with sausage
You can use sausage patties to make the sausage for a sausage egg and cheese quesadilla.

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