How to Make Bacon Weave: Easy Step by Step

Learning how to make a bacon weave, or bacon lattice, is a handy trick to take many dishes to the next level. When you’re making a bacon weave, you’re essentially weaving the pieces of bacon together so that they create a sort of sheet of “bacon fabric.” It’s easy. First, prepare a surface to createContinue reading “How to Make Bacon Weave: Easy Step by Step”

Bacon Onion Jam Recipe (Bacon Marmalade Recipe)

Bacon onion jam never lasts long. This highly addictive savory sweet spread, also called bacon marmalade, can be used for nearly anything a typical jam is used for, and more. Patted in a little mason jar and cinched with a ribbon, it’s a perfect gift for anyone on any occasion. This simple bacon jam recipeContinue reading “Bacon Onion Jam Recipe (Bacon Marmalade Recipe)”