German Pancake with Bacon (Bacon Dutch Baby)

German pancakes, or Dutch babies, are famous for the way that they rise up in the oven in a dramatic display. To make a German pancake with bacon simply follow the recipe for a traditional Dutch baby and add bacon at different times during the cooking process. You can continue to make the best savoryContinue reading “German Pancake with Bacon (Bacon Dutch Baby)”

Arugula Bacon Salad With Vinaigrette

If you love bacon, but also love staying healthy, consider this arugula bacon salad with vinaigrette dressing. A colorful dish, the best part (besides the bacon) is the homemade dressing — a light honey mustard vinaigrette. Ingredients: Dressing Ingredients: Instructions: Other Bacon & Bev Recipes to try: How Do you Make Arugula Bacon Salad Dressing?Continue reading “Arugula Bacon Salad With Vinaigrette”

Traditional Carbonara Recipe – No Cream

Making this traditional carbonara, you can leave out the cream, garlic peas or any other colorful additions! All you need is a few key ingredients that work so perfectly together that they’ve stood the test of time in Italian cuisine. You can make this dish regularly because it’s so simple and delicious. And it’s aContinue reading “Traditional Carbonara Recipe – No Cream”