Can You Drink Cointreau Straight?

You can drink Cointreau straight, but the liquor is more commonly used for mixed drinks.

You can take a straight shot of Cointreau liquor, but it’s more commonly used as an ingredient in mixed drinks like margaritas or cosmopolitans.

Cointreau is a clear French orange liquor that has a sweeter taste of oranges, with a generally smooth finish, similar to Gran Marnier. Some people enjoy sipping it on the rocks as an after-dinner drink.

Compared to triple sec, Cointreau has a higher alcohol content and is typically more expensive. It’s sweet taste is a little less abrasive. So, can you drink Cointreau on it’s own? It’s up to you, depending on your tastes!

Why Should You Take a Cointreau Shot?

You may want to take a shot of Cointreau as part of a celebration or if you enjoy the flavors, however avoid drinking too much of this liquor. You can also sip this sweet liquor on ice instead of taking a straight shot. It’s more often used as an ingredient with tequila and lime in cocktails like margaritas.

How Do You Make a Skittles Bomb?

A skittles bomb is a mixed drink that uses Cointreau and an energy drink like Red Bull. To drink a skittles bomb, drop one ounce of Cointreau into about 4 to 8 ounces of an energy drink and consume quickly. The “skittles bomb” names comes from its fruity and sweet candy-like taste.

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