Bacon Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed mushroom caps can are a flavorful and filling either as a side dish that you can use for a full meal. If you’re not vegetarian years, you can add chopped bacon to your mushroom cap stuffing. Because of course bacon makes most things better, and it works perfectly with the ingredients in this easy stuffed mushroom cap recipe.

The butter and bacon flavoring combined adds a nice richness, making these bacon stuffed mushrooms dish a filling treat.

This little dish is an easy dish to make. As a heavy appetizer, it’s very versatile — you can use it year round, for special occasions or just for an average meal.

There are many variations on the stuffed mushroom cap recipe, but this one is a classic with a bacon twist.

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bacon stuffed mushrooms
Chopped bacon and chopped mushroom stems are two staple ingredients for the stuffing.


  • 1 Package of white mushroom caps
  • 3 Tbl butter
  • ¼ cup Breadcrumbs
  • 2 Tbl Panko Breadcrumbs (I use whole wheat)
  • ½ tsp Basil
  • ½ tsp Oregano
  • ½ tsp Salt
  • ½ tsp Pepper
  • 3 slices Cooked bacon, chopped into small bits
Bacon for stuffed mushrooms
You can bake your bacon to save time. Cook at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.


  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  • Choose as many large whole white mushrooms as will fit it your baking dish.
  • Wipe each mushroom with a damp paper towel or cloth.
  • Remove stems. Chop stems and set aside.
  • Line your baking dish with the mushroom caps, hole side up.
  • Melt 1 Tbl butter in frying pan on medium high.
  • Add chopped mushrooms.
  • Sauté until soft, approximately 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Push mushrooms to one side of fry pan.
  • Add 2 more Tbl butter to empty side of frying pan
  • Add 1/4 cup breadcrumbs, 2 Tbl whole wheat Panko breadcrumbs and seasoning (basil, oregano, salt, pepper) to empty side. Mix with butter.
  • Combine stuffing with chopped mushroom stems.
  • Add to bacon to stuffing mixture. Remove from heat.
  • Spoon mixture into mushrooms and tightly pack. Sprinkle the tops with remaining mixture.
  • Bake uncovered, about 35 minutes or until mushrooms are browned.
  • Serve immediately.

Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

Bacon stuffed mushroom caps with a buttery breadcrumb-Panko stuffing make a filling treat.
Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time35 minutes
Total Time45 minutes
Course: Appetizer
Servings: 4 people


  • Frying pan
  • Baking dish
  • Cutting board


  • 1 package White Mushroom Caps
  • 3 Tbl Butter
  • ¼ cup Breadcrumbs
  • 2 Tbl Panko crumbs
  • ½ tsp Basil
  • ½ tsp Oregano
  • ½ tsp Salt
  • ½ tsp Pepper
  • 2 slices Cooked bacon, chopped


  • Preheat Oven to 375.
  • Choose the best mushrooms from the batch, enough to fill your baking dish.
  • Wipe each mushroom with a damp paper towel or cloth.
  • Remove the stems from each mushroom.
  • Chop the stems into fine bits and set aside.
  • Line your baking dish with mushroom caps, hole side up.
  • Melt 1 Tablespoon butter in frying pan on medium high heat.
  • Add chopped mushroom stems. Sauté until soft, about 3 to 4 minutes. Push aside in the pan.
  • 2 Tablespoons butter to empty side of pan.
  • When butter is melted, add classic bread crumbs, Panko bread crumbs, and seasoning. Blend.
  • In the pan, combine chopped mushroom stems with bread crumb mixture.
  • Finally, add bacon bits. Remove from heat.
  • With a spoon, pack stuffing into each mushroom cap. Sprinkle remaining stuffing on top.
  • Back for about 35 minutes or until mushrooms are browned.

How Do You Make Stuffed Mushrooms Not Soggy?

To make stuffed mushrooms that are not soggy, avoid soaking them in water when you clean them. Mushrooms do require you wipe them off, but they can also absorb water. Secondly, bake your mushrooms at a higher temperature, such as 375 to 400 degrees. Finally, avoid adding ingredients to the stuffing that are high in water content, such as tomatoes.

Should You Wash Mushrooms Before Stuffing Them?

You should wash mushrooms before making a stuffed mushroom recipe, but do not soak them in water. Otherwise, your mushrooms could get soggy. Instead, use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe them off and remove any dirt.

How Long Does It Take to Grill Mushrooms?

Grill mushrooms for about 10 to 15 minutes, turning them two or three times. (For a stuffed mushroom recipe, you won’t flip them.) You’ll know when mushrooms are done on the grill when they are charred and tender.

Can You Freeze Stuffed Mushrooms?

You can definitely freeze stuffed mushrooms before you bake them, but they are not ideal for freezing after you bake them. When you baked mushrooms from the freezer, bake at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes.

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